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At LinkedIn, I worked on the Global Premium + Marketplaces team (GPX), where I focused on creating experiences that foster economic opportunity for all members of the global workforce.


User Experience Designer, Intern

I completed a 3-month internship at LinkedIn in San Francisco, California between July and September 2019.

As part of GPX I worked on both large and small projects that allowed independent business owners to reach a wider audience on and off the platform, as well as projects that allowed audiences not historically served by LinkedIn to access career planning and mentorship tools. These audiences included people returning to the workforce (such as parents, active military personnel, those returning to public society, and those that have been out of work for extended periods), as well as students entering the workforce for the first time, and those making career shifts.

I collaborated with engineers, product managers, and design leads to build both product features and entirely new experiences from concept to delivery. My roles included user and product research, facilitating sprints and workshops, wireframing, interface design, prototyping, user-testing, and specing designs for hand-off. Throughout my internship, I presented work in-progress to stakeholders in marketing, engineering, and product. Near the end of my internship, my work was chosen to be presented to executive leaders in design.

While my work is under an NDA, I'd be happy to discuss my experiences and learnings in-person or at an interview.